These Pike Place Market Businesses Celebrated Major Anniversaries this Year

Pike Place Market in the heart of Seattle beats with a rhythm of celebration and tradition. As we close out 2023, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the remarkable milestones achieved by some of our beloved businesses.

Pike Place Market is not just a marketplace; it’s a living testament to resilience, dedication, and entrepreneurship.

Join us as we highlight the remarkable anniversaries of the businesses that have woven themselves into the fabric of this iconic landmark, making each visit a journey through history and innovation.

120 Years!

The exterior view of Virginia Inn, a historic restaurant in Pike Place Market. The image showcases the facade of the establishment, which proudly celebrated its remarkable 120th anniversary this year. Virginia Inn stands as a testament to enduring tradition and culinary excellence in the heart of Pike Place Market.

This year, the Virginia Inn at the corner of 1st Avenue and Virginia Street celebrated their 120th anniversary! Yep, you read that right. The restaurant opened it’s doors in 1903, four years before Pike Place Market was founded.

The modern chapter began when Patrice Demombynes and Jim Fotheringham took stewardship in 1981, creating a friendly, eclectic watering hole, championing Northwest microbrews and local artists.

In 2019 Seattle restaurant veterans Karl Sexton and Craig Perez took the helm of this Seattle icon. Under their guidance the Virginia Inn continues its storied run as an authentic piece of Seattle’s history and one of our city’s favorite local hangouts.

80 Years!

Mike Osborn, owner of Sosio's Fruit & Produce, stands proudly at the renowned Pike Place Market produce stand. Clutching a vibrant piece of fresh fruit, he embodies the commitment to quality and tradition that has defined Sosio's over last 80 years. The bustling market atmosphere and colorful array of fruits provide a glimpse into the rich experience of this longtime establishment.

This year, Sosio’s Fruit & Produce celebrated its 80th anniversary! Founded in 1943 and now owned by Alan Stott and Mike Osborn since the 1990s, the high stall is considered a must-visit for weekly and first-time visitors.

Sosio’s strives to provide “old school” customer service with the highest quality produce. Discover unique and delicious varieties of all your favorite fruits and vegetables curated by local and national farmers.

Trivia: Who is the produce stand named after? Answer: Sosio Manzo. He was the first immigrant farmer to sell his produce at the high stalls (what we call our permanent fruit and vegetable stands).

50 Years!

Congratulations to Frantic Art, Left Bank Books Collective, Omart, and Tenzing Momo. This year, all four businesses celebrated 50 years of operating in Pike Place Market. Make sure you stop by these businesses and congratulate them on this monumental achievement. 

40 Years!

Congratulations to Cinnamon Works, Le Panier, Mee Sum Pastry, Unexpected Productions, and Vilog Farm! These businesses opened their doors or started setting up on our farm tables in 1983!

30 Years!

1993 was a big year for flower farmers. Brandon’s Garden, Cuaresma R & L Farm, Flower Garden, Hmong Highland Garden, and Shong Chao’s Farm began selling at Pike Place Market. Congratulations to them on their 30th anniversary!

20 Years!

Congratulations to Double Dorjee, 1976 It’s Just Art, Lee Family Farm, Pike Place Chowder, and Truffle Queen who celebrated their 20th Pike Place Market anniversary this year. 

10 Years!

A decade in business is an achievement worth celebrating! indi chocolate, MarninSaylor, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Radiator Whiskey, and Storyville Coffee Company celebrated their 10-year Pike Place market anniversary this year.