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A Market Year in Review: 2022

This year brought us many joys at Pike Place Market. We welcomed many new businesses, commemorated milestones met by others, and celebrated with our special community throughout every season.

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hand pies from Piroshky Piroshky in Pike Place Market

Piroshky Piroshky Celebrates 30th Birthday with a 92¢ Piroshky Deal

Happy Birthday, Piroshky Piroshy! On Monday, October 24th, the bakery is offering two ways for their customers to join in the celebration. Learn more!

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Madame Lazonga Celebrates 50 Years of Tattooing

Vyvyn Lazonga began her career in 1972 just two blocks from her current Pike Place Market studio at the original location of the Seattle Tattoo Emporium. Learn why she is called, Seattle’s First Lady of Tattoo.

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Pike Place Market Foundation

10 Nonprofits that Support our Market Community

While Pike Place Market is considered a hub for commerce and tourism, behind the scenes are numerous nonprofits that support our Market community. Read on to learn about the 10 Market organizations that make our community thrive.

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This Little Figgy Comes Home

The Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition is coming home to the Pike Place Market! This 37th-year tradition brings holiday joy to Seattle and raises over $1 million for the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank.

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New Project Begins to Bridge Pike Place Market to the Waterfront

Alongside the storied history of Pike Place Market are the waterfront piers. Learn about the projects underway on the Seattle waterfront to both honor this history and accommodate our growing city.

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Partnering with Bloodworks NW for the Savor Life, Save a Life Campaign

We’re excited to announce a one-of-a-kind Market giveaway worth over $1,500! Learn how you can win!

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Celebrating 65 Years of Manzo Brothers Produce

Owner Mario “Mark” Manzo is retiring after working at the produce stand for nearly 60 years.

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Celebrating Sol Amon Day

Join us as we pay tribute to the late Solomon “Solly” Amon. Sol was the oldest business owner in Pike Place Market history, retiring a few years ago at the age of 91. Read how the Market is remembering this remarkable man. 

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Remembering Market Busker Jeanne Towne

She was a “rainbow of light.” Today, we remember and pay tribute to a longtime resident soloist and activist, Jeanne Towne.

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Senior Center Wedding

Falling in love! Wedding at the Pike Market Senior Center

Just one day after Valentine’s Day, Bennie and Patricia were married in the very room where they met at the Pike Market Senior Center.

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50 Years of Love: A Match Made in (Market) Heaven

Almost 50 years ago, two teenagers working at their families’ businesses created what would become a classic Market love story.

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