Hmong Highland Garden is a family-owned business that has sold at Pike Place Market since the summer of 1993. They’ve been a fixture at the Market for nearly three decades.

At their farm in Monroe, they cultivate a wide array of fresh flowers and delicious quality produce, much of it destined to fill up their daystall at Pike Place Market.

In the spring and summer, their fields are filled with the colorful bursts of vibrant dahlias, shining yellow daffodils, and crisp white rows of Queen Anne’s Lace. Stop by for plant starts on sale alongside their vegetables when the spring season starts! When the weather cools down and the winter growing season starts, look for bouquets bundled up with blooming kale, locally harvested salal, and branches of pussy willow.

Find Hmong Highland Garden in the market’s North Arcade, right between City Fish and the Desimone Bridge.