About Us

Owner Larry Mellum of Pike Place Chowder has only one mission: prepare and serve great chowders with the sparkling taste and aroma of premium seafood, farm vegetables, fresh milk and cream, and perfectly balanced seasonings.

On a sky blue morning in 2003, Larry raised the big green door just off the cobblestone streets of the Market revealing a 20-seat café.

While Larry prepped and simmered, employee Michelle Trulson set out utensils and condiments. And with the briny aroma of seafood and seasonings wafting out into the morning air, any doubts Larry may have had disappeared. The chowder lovers arrived – in twos and threes, then in ever-growing numbers, and finally, in lines around the block. In a few months, Chef Dario Guerra took over the kitchen.

Fourteen years later, the original team remains and the demand for these world-famous chowders continues to grow.