Public Records

Public Record Requests

Records of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) are subject to the Washington State Public Records Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW. City of Seattle law and the PDA’s Charter mandate adherence to the PRA (SMC 3.110.290.B.)

Many records are available for review on the PDA Council BoardDocs website, including the following:

  • PDA Council Meeting Minutes and Supporting Materials
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Budget Materials
  • Annual Reports
  • Governing Documents

BoardDocs can be found by visiting:

Requests may be submitted as follows:

  • By email: [email protected]
  • By mail: Pike Place Market PDA c/o Public Records Officer, 85 Pike Street, Room 500, Seattle, WA 98101. Download the request form
  • By fax: 206-625-0646

Request for public records


Ensure the request has the following information included:

  • Name and address of requestor;
  • Contact information, including telephone number and email address;
  • Date of the request; and,
  • Clearly state the documents requested, being as specific as possible in order for the Public Records Officer to locate responsive records.

Response to Request

Upon receiving a request for records, the PDA will respond within five business days by:

  • Acknowledging receipt of the request and providing a reasonable estimate of the time the PDA will need to respond to the request;
  • Seeking clarification in writing from the requestor if the request is unclear;
  • Denying the records request and providing the reason for the denial;
  • Providing the record.


Additional Time

Additional time may be required to respond to a request due to the need for clarification of the request, to locate and assemble the information requested, to notify third parties or agencies affected by the request, or to determine if the record requested qualifies for an exemption.


Costs for Public Records

There is no fee for the inspection of public records; however, any copies requested will be charged as follows:

  • B&W or color. 8 ½ x 11; 8 ½ x14; 11 x 17; double-sided or single-sided – $.15 per page
  • Scanning charges (a per-page charge for converting a record from a paper copy to an electronic format) –   $.10 per page
  • Uploading files to external drive, disc, or online cloud platform – $.09 per GB
  • Flash drives and other formats – Actual cost
  • Discs (CD or DVD) – $1 per disc
  • Postage – actual cost (based on weight)
  • Mailing Materials – $.45 any size manila envelope; disc protector $.50 (cardboard, jewel case, etc.)


Notification of Records

Once the records have been assembled, they will be sent electronically or you will be notified that the records are available for your review. The Public Records Officer will work with the requestor to determine the most appropriate method for providing electronic copies. The inspection of records is done by appointment during normal business hours at the PDA office. Copies may be requested after the review is completed.


Some Records are Exempt from Disclosure

The Public Records Act and other statutes list certain types of documents that are exempt from public inspection and copying (e.g., RCW 42.56.210-475). If only a portion of a document is exempt from disclosure, the PDA’s public records officer will redact the exempt portion(s) before providing the document.


Is my request confidential?

Public records requests received by the Pike Place Market PDA are public records. Absent applicable exemptions, public records requests are subject to disclosure upon request.