11 Eco-Friendly Market Businesses to Shop on Earth Day

Many small and micro businesses at Pike Place Market focus on sustainability and handcrafted products using creative upcycled means and materials, making Pike Place Market the perfect place to shop on Earth Day and throughout the year.

All around our Crafts Market, discover eco-conscious businesses offering uniquely renewed goods. Read on for our picks on quality housewares, apparel, accessories, musical instruments, and more! Earth Day is on April 22.


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Fashion & Accessories

City Kid Style — City Kid Style offers products for kids and pets that are handmade, one-of-a-kind, and sustainable. Each item is made from a mix of old and new fabrics, sewn and screen-printed in owner Claudia’s home studio in Seattle. Find vibrant upcycled girls’ dresses for $38, or tees and bowties from $8-22 for your fur babies!

Kitten Mittens — Shop handcrafted fashionable mittens and bags reimagined out of recycled sweaters and leather jackets with modern style and unique detail at Kitten Mittens! Jen’s pieces are upcycled using high-quality construction and a little punk attitude for flare. Prices for items range from $35-50.

Saisei Apparel — Browse handcrafted bags sourced thoughtfully from vintage Japanese fabrics at Saisei Apparel. Kimonos and obis that are at least 60 years old are purchased directly from families before being deconstructed, bringing a rich history into her modern wearable accessories. The Japanese word saisei means “rebirth” is composed of the kanji 再 (sai) meaning “again; twice; second time” and 生 (sei) meaning “life; birth”. Kim Ramierez aims to reinvigorate the appreciation of materials and the history of objects through her textile works. Shop her bold patterned sling bags ranging from $55-65.

WithTheRain — Rayana White from WithTheRain uses upcycled (recycled) materials to create her entire product line from her popular SLUGS fleece rain boot liners to her toddler dresses Two Summer Tunics. Rayana says her dresses are created “to get a lot of wear” and meant to be a dress one summer and a tunic top the next!  Rayana finds her materials from Goodwill and a small thrift store that supports the local Humane Society. SLUG fleece boot lines are $30 and the Two Summer Tunics are $35.

Home Goods, Décor & More

CMS Ceramics — Chris’s mountainscape designs have been an ongoing series signature to his pottery business, inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Glazes are formulated and mixed from scratch, then fired to be food, dishwasher, and microwave-safe. Skip the disposable bottles and cups, and opt for naturally crafted functional clay works that will last for years to come. Shop his hand-painted mugs and cups ranging from $45-65, and clay soap dispensers priced at $50.

KOBO Art Garden — Find a colorful selection of handmade glass straws at KOBO Art Garden. Made of borosilicate glass, this material will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. Such durability has made it the glass of choice for high-end dining establishments and labs.  Notice the thoughtful touch of a clear decorative dot to prevent rolling off of surfaces, and securing it into the straw hole of a travel cup. Available colors range from orange, green, sea green, purple, cobalt blue, and pink with a star or heart stamp available at $10 each! These straws are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Dot & Dimension — Artist Ritu Tilwani creates linocut prints hand-carved and chiseled from sheets of linoleum. This Earth Day, she’s raising funds for a charity of the buyer’s choice that supports environmental preservation. Place your bid for the earth print: “The Dot We Call Home”, an original linocut print sized at 11” x 14”. 100% of the highest bid will be donated, and bids start at $50. The auction will occur live on her Instagram page @DotandDimension, open from April 22nd to midnight (PDT) on April 23rd.

DrinkingStraws.Glass — Shop handmade glass drinking straws in a variety of styles. Their signature, clear glass makes it easily cleaned and visible for proper reuse. It’s also an insulator and will protect your lips with both hot and frozen beverages! Find fun decorations like sea turtles, rainbows, rainclouds, avocados and more for the perfect personalized gift. Classic straws are priced at $10 each, and more decorative emblems that come with cleaning brushes are priced at $25. Don’t forget to add a carrying case for just $11 to protect them while storing!

Grey Day Candles — Shop Grey Day Candles’ line of aromatherapy candles created to honor Mother Earth using only natural ingredients –beeswax, coconut wax, essential oils, and a soothing, crackling wooden wick. The energetic properties of the essential oils infused into the candles are listed on the box to appreciate them with intention. Choose your favorite fragrance blend of their 16-ounce candles priced at $45, or unscented pure beeswax pillars for $20.

Soul Cat Guitars — For the music enthusiast in your life look no further than, Soul Cat Guitar. Dean Moller has been creating the finest cigar box instruments (guitars, ukes, and amps) for the last 12 years. His instruments are modern yet excel at achieving that old-time blues and slide guitar sound. One of Dean’s SoulCat guitars was recently featured in the famous “O” Mansion Museum in Washington DC.