The Annual Holiday Button Tradition by Pike Place Market Artists

Every holiday season, Pike Place Market transforms into a festive haven, adorned with the spirit of tradition and creativity. At the heart of this celebration is the Handmade Craft Market, an artisanal enclave that has become synonymous with the holiday season in Seattle. What began as a visionary concept from Market artist Graig Anderson in 1999 has blossomed into an enduring 24-year tradition that both shoppers and the community eagerly anticipate.

Central to this beloved tradition are the collectible buttons that have become a symbol of the Handmade Craft Market experience. Each button is a miniature work of art, a testament to the talent and creativity thriving within Pike Place Market. The brainchild of local Market artists, these buttons capture the essence of the season and the vibrant energy of Pike Place Market.

This year’s coveted button was crafted by the skilled hands of Ritu Tilwani of Dot and Dimension. Ritu, a dedicated printmaker working with linocut relief printing, infuses her unique style into the design.

These collectibles are available for this holiday season only so when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Start your collection today!

Q&A With the 2023 Holiday Button Market Artist: Ritu Tilwani

Tell us about yourself as an artist
I am a printmaker working with linocut relief printing. I design and print my linocuts in my little studio in Seattle, just two miles from Pike Place Market. I am a scuba diver, marine biology enthusiast, and an ocean advocate. Much of my work is inspired by the ocean and based on underwater pictures me and my husband take when we go diving together. My work is an exploration of depth and dimension using the stark palette of black ink and white negative space. My prints begin with a sketch, are carved into a block, and then hand-printed.

What can we find at her table in the Market?
An Otter, an Octopus, and an Orca! Waves, Mountains, and Forests! I have a selection of minimal black-and-white original linocut prints featuring marine life and glimpses of nature.

Where did her inspiration for this button come from?
The design inspiration comes from the iconic sign at the north end of Pike Place Market and the ubiquitous evergreens of the Pacific Northwest landscape.

Favorite thing about the Crafts Market
The community! Working alongside a diverse and remarkable group of artists and craftsmen is my favorite thing about the market. It is my home away from home.


Take a Look at 24 Years of Pike Place Market Handmade Holiday Buttons