PDA Councilmembers

PDA Councilmembers 2023-2024

Devin McComb, Chair (Mayoral-appointed)

Patrice Barrentine, Vice Chair (Council-appointed)

Jan Hendrickson, Secretary (Mayoral-appointed)

Gundeep Singh, Treasurer (Mayoral-appointed)

Ray Ishii (Council-appointed)

Gina Karaba (Constituency-appointed)

Gordie McIntyre (Constituency-appointed)

Russell Monroe (Constituency-appointed)

Paul Neal (Council-appointed)

Margaret Norton-Arnold (Council-appointed)

Nick Setten (Constituency-appointed)



Committee Members and Officers 2023-2024


  • Devin McComb, Chair
  • Patrice Barrentine, Vice Chair
  • Gundeep Singh, Treasurer and Finance & Asset Management Committee Chair
  • Jan Hendrickson, Secretary
  • Russell Monroe, Market Programs Committee Chair
  • Paul Neal, At-Large Member

Finance & Asset Management

  • Gundeep Singh, Committee Chair
  • Ray Ishii, Committee Vice-Chair
  • Jan Hendrickson
  • Paul Neal

Market Programs

  • Russell Monroe, Committee Chair
  • Margaret Norton-Arnold, Committee Vice-Chair
  • Patrice Barrentine
  • Gina Karaba
  • Gordie Mclntyre
  • Nick Setten

Executive Director Hiring Committee 

  • Devin McComb, Committee Chair
  • Patrice Barrentine, Committee Vice-Chair
  • Jan Hendrickson
  • Ray Ishii
  • Russell Monroe
  • Paul Neal

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