Trademarks & Licensing

Promoting and Protecting Pike Place Market Trademarks

Trademarks & Licensing

The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) owns trademark rights to the Pike Place Market name (and associated names), the Public Market Center clock and sign image, the Public Market sign and other iconic Market imagery.

The Pike Place Market PDA is committed to protecting its trademarks. The PDA marks and the reputation they represent are important assets. The PDA Marketing team is responsible for promoting and protecting the use of these marks.

Use of the PDA’s trademarks on any products or to promote any business’ products or services are expressly prohibited unless a licensing agreement has been approved by the Pike Place Market PDA Council. This includes the use of photos and video taken within the Market or of the Market for anything other than personal use, including images that are sold/considered for commercial use after the fact. To inquire about trademark rights and usage, please select the category below that represents your business need.

Commercial filming and photography in the Market requires a filming permit obtained in advance. For assistance, please click here.

Trademark Usage and Licensing Inquiry

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PDA Businesses & Permit Holders

Pike Place Market PDA leases and permits contain certain trademark rights for how to reference the location of your business and the use of the Market’s name. Registration and approval is required for all uses of Market trademarks in advertising and on products, even if the proposed uses do not involve the sale of a product.

PDA Businesses & Permit Holders


Pike Place Market PDA licenses third parties to use our marks for uses that will enhance the image of Pike Place Market as defined by the Market’s Charter, cultivate shoppers and promote retail sales of Market merchants, and to further the public appreciation of the traditional character and purposes of the Market.



Trademarks include a word, logo or tagline, or any combination of these, used by an entity to identify its goods and services and distinguish them from others. Trademarks include brand names identifying goods (Dole for canned pineapple) and trade dress consisting of the graphics, color or shape of packaging or after sufficient use, of goods (Coca-Cola Bottle for a soft drink); service marks identifying services (McDonald’s for a restaurant service); certification marks identifying goods or services meeting specified qualifications (Woolmark for apparel made of 100% wool); and collective marks identifying goods, services or members of a collective organization (The International Game Fish Association for a game fishing organization). The same legal principles generally apply to all these terms, often called “marks.”


What is considered a Pike Place Market trademark?

As unique identifiers, Pike Place Market owns and controls its name(s) and other marks, logos, signage, designs and symbols that are associated with the Market. These include the words Pike Place Market, Pike Place; images and signage such as Public Market Center clock sign, Public Market sign and other recognizable signs throughout the Market; and logos such as the official Market logo. Any person, business or organization desiring to use Pike Place Market trademarks in any manner and for any purpose must be licensed to do so.

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