About Us

Storyville Coffee Company is dedicated to creating a truly exceptional coffee experience, starting with the details. From the artful roast of their beans to the carefully crafted cup of coffee, they take pride in perfecting each step of the journey.

Since 2006, they have been passionately roasting their coffee on Bainbridge Island, shipping it the same day directly to their customers around the world.

Storyville Coffee Company at Pike Place Market is their first retail coffee shop featuring a full espresso menu, freshly baked pastries from scratch, Storyville Hardware products, and plenty of space for the customer to sit and enjoy the experience.

Find Storyville Coffee Company on the top floor of the Corner Market Building at First Avenue and Pike Street. If you stand on the cobblestone and look toward the iconic red neon Market clock and sign, the Corner Market Building will be on your right. Take the stairs or the elevator to the top floor.