Become a Craftsperson

The “Meet the Producer” tradition continues at Pike Place Market!

Become a Pike Place Market Craftsperson

Join the country’s largest showcase of handmade goods! At Pike Place Market, we are proud to be able to offer artists and craftspeople the opportunity to grow their skills and sell their handmade products.

Businesses that sell on our Daystall tables are held to the highest standards to ensure the integrity of our world-class Crafts Market. Learn more below!


Pike Place Market craftspeople must:

Make and sell locally handmade crafts. The artist must sell on our Daystall Tables.

Exhibit a commitment to master one’s medium and display a uniqueness and originality of one’s work.

Create quality work, handmade in compliance with our craft product high standards. Please review Pike Place Market’s Handmade Product Guidelines here.


Pike Place Market is currently accepting waitlist applications for new craft permits. Click the button below, and fill out the form to join our waitlist.

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Next Steps

Applications are reviewed by our Screening Committee and ranked to other applicants in the screening pool.

Screenings usually occur in the fall, but may occur at any time during the calendar year. Once an applicant passes the screening, they will then be allowed to sell at Pike Place Market and subject to regular attendance requirements.

Table space is rented by the day. Rates vary depending on the season and the day of the week.

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