60 Jewelry Businesses in Pike Place Market

Looking for something shiny to add to your accessory collection or find the perfect gift for a loved one? Pike Place Market has seemingly endless options for beautiful jewelry, but we’ve broken it down by category to make it easy to shop and decide the best fit for you.

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ExClaymations Collectible, hand-painted ceramic pins and brooches with new designs added monthly made for each season. The pearlescent finish makes for an eye-catching addition to any top or jacket.

Flyingcat Creations Delightful and whimsically designed ceramic, hand-painted pendants and earrings with delicate animal and flower imagery.

Haleyanne JewelryFor animal lovers! Choose from over 50 breeds of their glazed ceramic dog pins. They’ve also included cats, rabbits, and fish in their collections. 

Orna’s PotteryAlongside Orna’s collection of hand-thrown dishes and mugs, find stoneware pendants with her signature foliage imprints and other handmade designs using underglaze transfers.

Fabric / Leather / Wood

Apu Wichay DesignsShop specialty braided leather bracelets.

Charlie’s Flying FishUniquely hand-painted, laser-cut pieces from wood in striking color schemes and fun shapes for a bargain rate of $10-15.

KiMonoMonoUnique pieces crafted from shop owner Linda’s collection of Japanese fabrics, like comfortable woven eyeglass holders and Chirimen knotted bracelets and necklaces.

Marakesh Leather – Find leather earrings paired with metal accents like hammered brass or sleek gold steel, and wrist bands stamped with intricate designs or left simple and untouched. 

Minter GoodsCork fabric earrings are incredibly lightweight yet durable and formed into simple geometric designs with bold colors.


Fusion in Glass – Beautiful, and original fused dichroic and enameled glass pieces. Find pendants, necklaces, rings, and earrings in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

Glassy ProductionsCosmic, enamoring swirl pendants made of borosilicate glass and strung on satin black cords. 

Gone to Pot Known for their signature oyster Santa line, this mother/daughter duo also offers copper enamel jewelry with vibrant styles like leopard print and beaded accent drop earrings, neon colored fish earrings with gold plated eyes, and more. 

Isis RayIsis has been melting glass to create flame-worked beads since 1992. Her beads are bright and colorful, with many garden-related themes from flowers, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, fruits, and veggies. Beads are strung together to create necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and charms.

Leilani Jensen JewelrySimple and stunning, Leilani makes her own glass “gems” by creating molds, which are then filled with layers of silica powders and pigments that are kiln-fired and then individually hand-carved and polished. These gems have unique variations in colors and textures that give them the visual quality of a natural stone.

Tisbury Art Glass Tisbury’s work as a lampwork glass artist crafts pendants and earrings that explore her life-long fascination with the underwater world and beyond, with fun touches of dichroic color and whimsical shapes like curly starfish and bubbly fruits. 

Vida Loca Glass Beads Shop April’s handmade colorful glass beads strung onto cord necklaces, drop earrings, and more unique accessories! 

Whistling at the MoonAlongside his fused glass vase and frame creations, Bill carries a small selection of handmade glass bead drop earrings. 

Mixed Media

Cloisonné Art Cloisonné (from the French word “cloison” meaning partition) is an enamel technique that uses wire to create unique shapes. Enamel, finely ground glass pigments mixed with water, are applied to that surface and fused in a kiln to give its illustrative quality. With up to a dozen individual firings per piece, it’s a labor of love! 

Crystal BouquetLocally pressed and preserved flower pendants are delicately presented underneath beveled glass.

Earth Wind & FireHandcrafted elegant crystal, gemstone and enamel statement pieces as vibrant as their apparel collection are available throughout the shop.

Moon Valley Designs – These simple classic combinations of braided leather, solid sterling silver, natural stones and a hand wire-wrapping method to sustain durability throughout the chains make for quality pieces with enduring style. 

MSSA DesignsCombines the organic and the industrial to create timeless jewelry. Melissa molds metal like clay, which contains precious metals such as pure silver or copper extracted from recycled electronics. A whole new life to discarded objects! Added enamel components give color and character to each piece.

Robot vs Sloth – Featuring the work of a rotating selection of artists, find beautifully shaped enameled copper earrings and pendants with elements of flora and fauna.

Multi-Faceted Selection

Benavi’s ImportsCentrally located in the Main Arcade, this long-standing booth specializes in sterling silver rings, jade, earrings, bracelets, shellcraft, woodcraft, and stonecraft jewelry.

Canelle Citron – Find freshwater pearl rings, earrings, and necklaces. Also, shop for colorful, dazzling metallic foil earrings, necklaces, and more! Sparkling crystals and stones are set in sterling silver.

Gail Coupal DesignsColorful enamels are placed on copper, working with fine silver, bronze and clay as well. Earrings, pendants and every other piece are handmade individually and are one-of-kind. Find landscape and other abstract designs throughout her work.

Northwest Coast Style JewelryDaniel Leen creates hand-carved, intricate jewelry pendants from natural materials like ivory, bone, wood, and stone. The small size of his pieces minimizes the designs to their basic structures, giving them an archaic look.

Ruby’s Seattle Gift Gallery Step into Ruby’s shop to be enveloped in color and opulence throughout the vast array of warmly lit display cases. They also offer repair services for your loved and worn pieces.

Ventures Marketplace Supporting more than 60 artists and entrepreneurs, Ventures carries an eclectic selection of wearable items that support up-and-coming businesses. Find a variety of pieces for all tastes here!

Metal / Stone

Afghani CraftsBrowse handmade rich blue Afghani lapis pieces mounted on silver that are unique and signature of the region, ornately styled earrings and more. 

Artas UsuwilPrecious metals and stones designed from Pacific Northwest elements like water, waves, trees and sea creatures showcase contemporary examples of the Norwegian influence in North American art.

Chyau Horng Jewelry Simple, minimalistic gemstone and pearl drop earrings, rings and pendants are set into sterling silver. Timeless designs fit for everyday wear! 

Coastal ElevationInspired by natural elements, Angela’s pieces incorporate beautifully raw stones like agate, turquoise, and quartz into rustic settings of hammered silver; her pendants, cuffs, and earrings are an ode to the beauty in the rough edges of our natural world. 

Conscious Wear Find intricate metal earrings, rings, beaded necklaces and bracelets with stone inlays, and more!  

Cosmic ResourcesHusband and wife team trained in silversmithing, engraving and lapidary with a selection of flame-worked glass jewelry as well. Each ring, bracelet and pendant is given a unique design through the use of hand tools and engraving techniques. Styles are inspired by nature and by the textiles of ancient cultures.

Double DorjeeCulturally authentic Tibetan and Dharma imported goods that are hand selected include natural stone beaded bracelets and necklaces, metal bangles, and other pieces made for layering and many other small wearables.

Gem HeavenVast collection of high-quality minerals, crystals, fossils, and jewelry fit for any treasure hunter with an eye for sparkle and a curiosity to discover pieces forged thousands, or even millions of years ago.

Hammering Girl Find various affirmations, some wholesome and others more cheeky, on Kathy’s classic cuffs. Hammered sterling silver, copper, and brass bracelets are made by hand using her beloved grandfather’s vintage tool and steel stamps. It takes 5 days to finish each batch! 

Hands of the WorldImported fair-trade goods from various countries globally such as Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mali, Kenya, Thailand, and India. Find delicately made jewelry inlaid with semi-precious gemstones and forged with quality craftsmanship.  

House of Jade Shop from a wide selection of jewelry and precious stones. They also specialize in stone setting, casting, polishing, and repairs.

Jim Chow JewelryFabricating each setting by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques, Jim’s style is rare in that he cuts and polishes many of the stones himself. Pick up pieces from an experienced craftsman of more than 40 years! 

Knuckle Kiss JewelryBeautifully simple combinations of semi-precious stones and metals are formed into elegantly minimalist geometric shapes and styles. Angela uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to hand make sterling silver, brass, and 14K gold-fill materials into modern designs.

Light Being JewelsShop wire-wrapped necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets in sterling silver and 14 karat gold with stone and pearl accents.

Marko’s JewelrySimply cut metal earrings and pendants are treated with an oxidizing process that creates uniquely colorful effects. Each piece is one-of-a-kind thanks to Mark’s individualized style! 

Nature’s Twist Ethically sourced gemstones and meticulous electroforming of plating precious metals come together in the brilliant pieces of this collection, showcasing the natural beauty of each stone’s shape and character. Each piece is a statement!

Raven’s Nest TreasureRun by graduate gemologist Matthew Steinbrueck, this shop offers both new and antique items ranging from inexpensive pieces to gold and precious gemstones curated from culturally authentic sources or created by their in-house jewelers.

Rings-N-Things One of the largest selections in the Market for all sorts of rings, earrings, chains and more ranging from delicate and simple, to bold statement pieces with natural gemstone accents.

Sabando Design– Husband and wife silversmith team handcraft each piece and sources their stones directly whenever possible. Pieces are made using Argentium silver, gold, bronze, natural gemstones, and pearls. Argentium guarantees the traceability of its raw silver, offers a more vibrant platinum-like look, and its composition slows the tarnishing process compared to traditional sterling silver. 

Seattle Raindrop Jewelry Made using recycled silvers and 14k gold fill as opposed to plating, Rachel’s pieces are guaranteed to last with quality and durability. Shop hammered cuffs, uniquely shaped bar earrings, delicately crafted gemstone rings with opals, druzy quartz, and her signature teardrop pendants all crafted with care.

Seppa Designs Shop from a selection of sterling silver cuffs, earrings, and bead bracelets all at an ultra affordable price!

Shin Ping Asia Import CoSam Kuo offers an expansive collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that fit any budget, curating pieces since 1973.

Silver Cherry Pieces are crafted using precious metal clay (PMC). It looks and acts a bit like modeling clay, but it is made up of microscopic particles of recycled silver, mixed with an organic binder. Once dried and fired in a kiln, the binder burns out and all the silver particles melt together to create a pure silver piece. Unique textural elements create a matte finish with molds of actual plants forming many of Kristin’s designs. 

Solstice DesignsPromoting local artists alongside shop owner Amy’s handcrafted works, she and her team work to create charming, everyday pieces that brighten your day and make a wonderful addition to any collection. Uniquely cut gemstones on delicate settings are great for stacking and pairing with other pieces.

Sunshine Jewelry Head to the level 4 in the DownUnder to explore a selection of Swarovski crystals, metals and semi-precious stones with options for everyday wear and big occasions alike. 

Taj Mahal EmporiumShop colorful bangles, chains and more imported from India.

The House of Silver & GoldBrowse an extensive array of earrings, pendants and chains priced at a budget-friendly range. 

Tumi Designs Copper tones and wire wrapped stones make up this line of handcrafted wearable works that radiate individuality with their natural sun and tree motifs, among other designs.