About Us

Amy Barr of Minter Goods creates a variety of beautiful, functional items in her sewing studio: cork wallets + lightweight cork earrings, as well as baby booties and rope baskets. Simple yet elegant design, unique textures, and bold color combinations make her happy. 

Amy grew up right here in the Seattle area, and she’s proud to be a Pike Place Market crafts vendor since 2018. She does not have a regular Market schedule; it changes throughout the year. Please email her if you’d like to find out when she’ll be at Pike Place Market. 

A collage of items handmade by Amy Barr of Minter Goods. The collage features colorful but elegant cork wallets, lightweight cork earrings, baby booties and rope baskets. Find Minter Goods in Pike Place Market.


What is Cork Fabric?

A Durable, Flexible Material

Many Minter Goods items are made of cork fabric. This is a durable, flexible material with a really wonderful texture. It is comprised of a very thin layer of cork affixed to a fabric backing. The fabric backing makes it quite strong and durable, it will not tear.

The bark of the cork tree is removed without harming the tree, and it goes on to become wine corks, flooring, cork fabric, etc. The bark will grow back and be ready to harvest again in 9-12 years. Many old-growth cork trees have given their bark for useful products more than ten times in their lives.

Most of the world’s cork trees grow in Portugal, and Amy has traveled there to tour cork factories and find beautiful cork fabric. She loves the sustainable nature of this wonderful material, and her husband’s family is Portuguese, so it really checks all the boxes for her.

Thank you for supporting small businesses!