About Us

Gail Coupal of Gail Coupal Designs creates her stunning jewelry by combining her daily drive to make art and the immense inspiration she finds in nature. She makes her jewelry from enamels on copper and also works with fine silver and bronze metal clay. Her earrings, pendants, tiny bowls, tiles, and every other piece are handmade individually and are one-of-kind.

The making techniques Gail uses vary depending on the material. With liquid enamel, she paints mountain scenes, ravens, and trees. She also sifts layers of powder enamel to create abstract paintings, add glass stringers and embellish with cubic zirconia or semi-precious stones.

When creating with metal clay, Gail uses homemade stamps to carve images of owls, wolves, dragonflies, whales, and other creatures of our Earth. She finds the infinite light patterns made from the sun, wind, and shadows fascinating and is constantly amazed by how everything in the natural world is in constant flux.

Her enthusiasm is clearly evident in the art she creates.

Gail loves to integrate techniques and materials to form a unique piece of artisan jewelry that is unmatched from the rest. She works in her home studio and has sold her jewelry at Pike Place Market for 14 years.