About Us

Tisbury Pringle-Ennis of Tisbury Art Glass is a flamework glass artist that creates sculpture, jewelry, and enchanting ornaments that explore her life-long fascination with the underwater world.

The luminescence and fluidity of sea life is magical to her, and living in the Pacific Northwest has been the perfect backdrop to spark that creativity. As a young child, Tisbury lived on a boat in the Caribbean and was always connecting with the environment in some way or another. This has been a subject for Tisbury’s artwork for many years.

Tisbury has been making glass art for over 25 years and began selling her creations at Pike Place in 2001. Each piece is hand-crafted using rods of glass melted with a torch flame to a temperature of over 2000 degrees. While the glass is molten hot, she uses different techniques to shape the glass. Making sculptures, ornaments, and jewelry.