About Us

Kathy Henning is the one-woman show behind Hammering Girl. She has been creating and selling bracelets with attitude at Pike Place Market since 1986.

Kathy hand hammers her sterling silver, copper, and brass bracelets one letter at a time using her beloved grandfather’s vintage Sears Craftsman guaranteed for life hammer, and steel stamps. It takes 5 days to finish each semi-industrial batch!

Sharing a fun sense of humor and authenticity with her customers is what makes selling both Kathy’s SWEAR WEAR collection of bracelets and her other collection of Classic Affirmation bracelets so rewarding for her. Kathy hopes her customers have that experience as well!

No matter what type of message you are there for when visiting Hammering Girl’s table, Kathy designs her bracelets to be comfortable and durable as well as attractive and meaningful.

Kathy is also happy to hammer custom messages for you either on the inside of the bracelet with an embossed pattern on the outside, or whatever combination you desire.

All of her bracelets may be worn in a shower or bath and are very easy to care for. She has quotes for all seasons of life. Kathy hopes you are able to find something especially meaningful for you or others you love at her table!