About Us

Linda Amesquita of Apu Wichay Designs has sold handmade jewelry at Pike Place Market for 38 years. Her current line consists of braided leather bracelets.

Born and raised in the Forested Lands of Western Washington, Linda’s work is inspired by our beautiful lands and skies. Every braid is to honor our courageous land and water protectors.

Apu Wichay is a Quechua name inspired by the Andes Mountains, where Linda learned to make her bracelets. Apu is the name of every mountain peak and literally means Spirit, God, or Goddess. Wichay, Linda, interpreted to be to Accend to. Pretty lofty aspiration!

Linda makes each and every one of her bracelets which are extremely labor-intensive. Linda does not have a website, but inquiries can be made by text or email.

If you want to know Linda’s current Market schedule, please text her.