About Us

Knuckle Kiss Jewelry features sculptural, and geometric-inspired pieces pared down to essential lines and shapes. The collection is handcrafted by designer and maker Angela Delarmente in her Seattle home studio.

Angela uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to handmake sterling silver, brass, and 14K gold-fill materials into modern designs. When she took her first metalsmithing class back in 1998, Angela began thinking of metal’s ability to transform from a humble, earthly material into emotional and symbolic value items.

Metal is hand-worked with saws, hammers, files, and fire-using centuries-old techniques–until something useful and wearable develops. Hard metal becomes jewelry with meaning and memories for the wearer. Tenderness emerges from the metal’s toughness. This tough and tender balance influenced Angela when she launched her jewelry line in 2013.

She chose the name “knuckle kiss” for its double meaning: A knuckle kiss is a punch in the mouth, but also a kiss on the hand. These contrasting hard and soft images are the spirit behind the brand’s modern metal designs.

Angela finds great purpose and fulfillment in the crafting process and believes handmade things are best created with love and care. She enjoys good shapes, carefully considered lines, mixing metals, and putting her twist on minimalist styles.

Knuckle Kiss is created in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington and can be found online, in boutiques, and at the historic Pike Place Public Market. Whether you go for her dainty, delicate pieces or big and bold statements, Angela hopes Knuckle Kiss speaks to the inherent strength and softness within you. She’s as captivated by the abstract world of emotions, ideas, and symbols, as she is by the physical beauty of our earth and beyond.