Honoring the lasting legacy of “the Cod Father" of Pure Food Fish

We’re celebrating and paying tribute to the late Solomon “Solly” Amon, on Monday, April 11 — Sol Amon Day! (It’s a real day. Keep reading!)

Sol was a longtime owner of Pure Food Fish, who passed last September. He was Pike Place Market’s oldest vendor in our Market history, who retired at 91 after running the fish market for more than 60 years. His father, Jack, originally founded the business in 1911 after emigrating from Turkey.

Since then, it has been passed down four generations at this dedicated, family-run operation and quality stop for a fresh catch.

Sol Amon (center) at Pure Food Fish. Photo courtesy of Sol’s granddaughter, Carlee Hollenbeck

Endearingly deemed “the Cod Father” and “King of the Market” by many, Sol was a formidable figure in our Market community. He set the stage for a legacy of giving as the first Market business to support the Pike Place Market Foundation’s efforts, helping fund our social services like the senior center, preschool, food bank, and clinic. Sol remained a loyal and generous supporter over the decades until his passing.

In 2006, the Seattle City Council officially recognized April 11 as Sol Amon Day, honoring the golden anniversary of his 50 years running Pure Food Fish and his commitment to nurturing our community. We continue that recognition today in memory of Sol and his dedication to making our Market a caring home for all who live and work here.

This family business remains as steadfast and successful as ever, now run by his grandchildren Carlee and Isaac.

“There are tons of special memories that I have of working with my grandpa over the years at the Market, but the best part was watching him interact with his customers or old vendors who would stop by. They would go down memory lane of how long they have known each other or how they met. Everyone always wanted to wave to him or come up the stairs to shake his hand.”
Carlee Hollenbeck
Co-Owner of Pure Food Fish, Granddaughter of Sol Amon

A photo of Carlee Hollenbeck at Pure Food Fish

A now permanent fixture in the storefront, this collage art piece (pictured right) by Market artist Brooke Westlund initially started as a personal project to be displayed in Carlee’s home office. As she gathered materials that showcased her grandfather’s accomplishments in a scrapbook display, hanging the piece front and center in the shop now invites long-time customers to enjoy sharing memories and stories about him to honor his memory.

On Monday, the Pike Place Market Foundation will present Sol’s family with a plaque to be displayed at the Market, and a bronze hoof print engraved with his name will join the path of many others over the last century who have made an impact on our beloved historic district.

In following their grandfather’s footsteps, Carlee and Isaac are pleased to announce the launch of the Solomon Amon Entrepreneurial Fund on this special Sol Amon Day. This fund was created in partnership with the Pike Place Market Foundation to pay forward the giving compassion that Sol embodied.

Together, they will support the health of the Market community, specifically the stability of our workers, merchants, farmers and artists when faced with sudden, financial hardship. The fund will create ongoing, dedicated funds to support programs such as the Market Small Business Recovery Fund and the Market Community Safety Net. During the COVID-19 pandemic alone, these programs provided grants and support to 137 small businesses and 325 individuals in the Market.

Visit their store on April 11 to learn more about this exciting opportunity and enjoy an in-store discount on all purchases!