Overlook Walk construction is ongoing, slated to open in 2025

Photo credit: Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects (Waterfront Seattle)

Alongside the storied history of Pike Place Market are the waterfront piers, built at the turn of the 19th century to serve the railroad system during the Alaskan Gold Rush era. Today, they are filled with shops of curiosities, attractions and restaurants, the city’s renowned aquarium, sailing trips on the Puget Sound and to the San Juan Islands, and cruises beyond!

A number of projects are under construction along the stretch of the Seattle waterfront to both honor this history and accommodate our growing city with innovative urban design.

At the center of the waterfront’s development is reimagining the former Alaskan Way viaduct segment with a promenade and Overlook Walk pedestrian bridge.

This new public access point will connect the MarketFront Pavilion to the waterfront below with an elevated public park and walking route.

Visitors will easily move from the MarketFront extension of our crafts market that sits above Old Stove Brewing, indi chocolate, and Honest Biscuits down to the waterfront without needing to cross the new Alaskan Way roadway.

Take a look over the MarketFront Deck to see the sweeping wooden platforms and rebar that will eventually take shape into a paved pathway surrounded by lush vegetation.

Photo credit: Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects (Waterfront Seattle)

Grab a quick breakfast or coffee to power up before heading down to see the sights at the piers. Or build a lunch your way and gather a few ingredients from our specialty food purveyors to graze over while you take in the fresh salty air and cozy up in one of the many public seating areas. Enjoy a stroll along the promenade with your loved ones before moseying back up to catch some of the city’s best panoramic sunset views from the Market’s craft bars and eateries. There will be so many new possibilities to connect and gather at this future thoroughfare.


The Overlook Walk will include:

  • Expansive views of Elliott Bay
  • Play areas for families 
  • Public plazas with seating
  • Lush terraced landscaping with native plants
  • A gradual slope design mimicking the natural environment

Photo credit: Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects (Waterfront Seattle)

This exciting development will make it a central point of recreation and leisure for visitors looking to relax and rejuvenate either coming or going from Pike Place Market. Families with young children can enjoy the playground amenities while others can sit back and enjoy a quaint resting place snacking or sipping on their Market finds. The potential is limitless for these expansion efforts to offer a more welcoming and engaging pedestrian experience.

Photo credit: Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects (Waterfront Seattle)

Beyond the MarketFront, the Overlook Walk will land at the Seattle Aquarium’s proposed ocean pavilion expansion, inviting visitors to get to know our native marine life and be up close and personal with the aquarium’s expanded conservation efforts, welcoming thousands of sustainably sourced animals from the biodiverse hub in the Coral Triangle.

This 50,000 square foot addition to the existing aquarium facilities will be at the cutting edge of sustainability and ocean advocacy in its design and habitat structures. It’s aiming to be the first aquarium in the nation to be certified by the International Living Future Institute. Look forward to visiting this vibrantly expanded center in the spring of 2024!

To learn more about proposed plans, project status, and more visit WaterfrontSeattle.org

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