History & Success of Women at Pike Place Market

Discover the untold stories of women who have left an indelible mark on the iconic Pike Place Market. From pioneering entrepreneurs to steadfast advocates, women have played a pivotal role in shaping the history and success of our vibrant marketplace. Let’s delve into nine remarkable stories that showcase the myriad accomplishments of women at Pike Place Market.

Seattle’s Pioneer Women Entrepreneurs: Three Girls Bakery

Unveil the fascinating history of Three Girls Bakery, the oldest commercial business at Pike Place Market. Not only did it secure its place in history as the first business licensed to women in Seattle, but it also paved the way for female entrepreneurs in the city. Learn more

The Women-Owned Business Revolution: 250+ and Counting

Explore the astounding statistics that reveal Pike Place Market as a haven for women entrepreneurs. With 50% of businesses either fully or co-owned by women, and one-third entirely women-owned, Pike Place Market surpasses national averages, becoming a hub for women’s entrepreneurial prowess. Learn more

Among our farm community is a large Hmong population who’s origin at the Market is a fascinating story, learn about it here.

Women in Farming: The Origin of Pike Place Market

Did You Know? 64% of farm businesses at Pike Place Market are women-owned. Farmers are a very special part of the Market community, in fact, the Market started as a farmers market. In 1907, the price of produce in Seattle was soaring – especially the price of onions, which jumped from 10 cents a pound to a dollar. Seattle City Councilman Thomas Plummer Revelle discovered an 1896 ordinance that allowed the city to set aside land for public markets. On August 17, the opening day of the Market, the handful of farmers who showed up sold all their produce within minutes. Today, the Market has 80+ farmers and artisanal food vendors. Meet Our Famers

Women-Makers of Western Ave: A Haven for Women-Owned Businesses

Discover Western Ave, where nine women-owned businesses thrive, ranging from cobblers to fine artists and chocolate makers to bike messengers. Meet the diverse array of entrepreneurs, each contributing to the unique charm of Pike Place Market. Learn more

Compassionate Leadership: Women at the Helm of Social Services

Did You Know? There are five essential social services at Pike Place Market: Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank, Neighborcare Health, Heritage House and Pike Market Childcare and Preschool and all five have women leaders at the helm. These women leaders are dedicated to making a positive impact on the community they serve. Learn more

Defending Heritage: Women’s Fight to Preserve Pike Place Market

Travel back to the early 1960s when Pike Place Market faced the threat of demolition. Learn about the tenacious efforts of women like Elizabeth Tanner, Shirley Collins, Peggy Goldberg, and many others who spearheaded the Friends of the Market movement, ultimately saving this historic landmark. Learn more

Keep Our Market Alive Flyer 1971

Award-Winning Entrepreneurs: Shining Stars at Pike Place Market

Celebrate the outstanding achievements of award-winning women entrepreneurs at Pike Place Market. From culinary excellence to tattoo artistry, these women have earned accolades for their remarkable contributions. To name a few:

  • Madame Vyvyn Lazonga – also known as “Seattle’s First Lady of Tattoo, is an award-winning tattoo artist and owner of Madame Lazonga’s Tattoo, with a tattooing career that spans over 50 years.
  • Owner of Piroshky Piroshky, Olga Sagan, who has been operating her business for over 30 years, was named Washington’s Small Business Administration’s “Business Owner of the Year” in 2020.
  • Omart – a three-generation women-owned business, has won multiple James Beard Awards for their traditional home-style Filipino dishes.

Handmade Legacies: Women Artists at Pike Place Market

Delve into the world of handmade artists who have graced Pike Place Market for decades. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, artists like Frantic Art, Crystal Bouquet, Vickie Clark Rafael Designs, and Sue Herweck Artist continue to captivate audiences with their unique creations today. Of all the businesses in the Handmade Craft Market, 50% are women-owned or co-owned by women. Meet Our Handmade Craftspeople.

PDA’s Leading Ladies: Women in Authority at Pike Place Market

Did You Know? Behind the hustle and bustle of the Market businesses is an organization devoted to serving each aspect of our community. Celebrating its 50th year of governance, with a 66% women in leadership team, the Preservation and Development Authority is the dedicated workforce that keeps the unique ecosystem of Pike Place Market operating every day.

Join us in honoring the remarkable women who have contributed to the origin, vibrancy and preservation of Pike Place Market, shaping it into the iconic landmark it is today.