Nourishing Our Community

Over 1,000 people visit the Pike Market Food Bank each week for essential food and nutrients to stock their pantries and refrigerators.

Food Bank beneficiaries can pick up protein, fresh produce, and long-lasting canned goods in addition to the generous donations from our Market businesses to ensure nutrient-rich items fill their grocery bags each week and food waste is at a minimum. 

Public markets have historically served as micro-hubs in a city’s food waste recovery system. Addressing food insecurity is the core of the Food Bank’s mission, and it takes a community to ensure its continued success. The Pike Market Food Bank leads a robust model for a low-impact, highly beneficial program to rescue food from unnecessary waste and offer it to those in need.

In addition to food donations from Market businesses, the Pike Place Market Farm Team contributes by donating extra food from our community-supported agriculture programs – Pike Box and Fresh Bucks To-Go.

Any unclaimed produce or extra surplus of food is given to the Food Bank. In fact, over 10,000 pounds of food are collected for donation annually!

All of these collaborative efforts ensure quality food makes it into the hands of people instead of going to waste.

Thank you to our local businesses who help make this possible!

Services like the Pike Market Food Bank are what make Pike Place Market so unique. Not only is this a Market for consumer shoppers, but also a place where people can get access to care and essential resources. Learn more about all of Pike Place Market’s Social Services, here.