About Us

City Kid Style is a company that was born out of owner Claudia Cerrato’s desire to offer little girls hip and comfy clothing. City Kid Style offers products for kids, pets, and people that are handmade, one-of-a-kind, and sustainable. Each item is made from a mix of old and new fabrics, sewn and screen printed in Seattle.

Claudia got her start when she began sewing clothing for her toddler daughter. She tried out new projects by using her husband’s old t-shirts and button-downs. Claudia realized that these items of old clothing made perfect new clothing. By upcycling, Claudia could make new clothes for her daughter and also help to make a small impact for the environment. In 2013, Claudia quit her full-time job in education to focus on launching City Kid Style so that hip little kiddos everywhere could wear one-of-a-kind clothing!

As her business grew, she began to learn more about sustainability and the environmental impacts of the fashion industry. After examining the best way to do so without creating additional waste, scraps from kids’ dresses were sewn into dog tees, and scraps from skirts were sewn into potholders and other home accessories.