Get to Know our Crafts Market!

Local, handmade, and crafted with care, the pieces you’ll find in the Pike Place Market Crafts Market are as diverse and unique as the community around them.

With 170+ artisans setting up weekly on the Daystall tables, you can count on finding something special to gift or keep for yourself. But did you know each business must adhere to strict handmade guidelines?

Whether an artist is just starting their business or has been established for years, each craftsperson brings quality craftsmanship with their own flair in accordance with the standards of excellence in the Daystall guidelines.

These guidelines and our artist community make the Crafts Market at Pike Place Market the country’s largest showcase of handmade goods.

The best part, our Crafts Market is open year-round and daily, so everyone can have the chance to shop locally handmade products.

Craftspeople are required to:

  • Create and sell locally produced handmade goods
  • Exhibit a commitment to mastery of their medium
  • Design with originality

Carrying on our “Meet the Producer” tradition, the creators themselves share their time running the table to talk with patrons about their work firsthand.

Learn how you can join the country’s largest showcase of handmade goods!

Businesses are encouraged to bring something new to the table and build their personal style that stands out in the craft’s line. Each new addition rounds out the eclectic collection of vendors that are essential to the character of Pike Place Market.

It’s a special community, with some legacy vendors selling their goods here for over 50 years! Several of the craftspeople have a reputation that stretches beyond Pike Place Market, showcasing their work at local and occasionally international galleries.

Whether it’s jewelry, pottery, art, apparel, home goods, or accessories, the options are limitless on what a creative person with an eye for technique and a handcrafted touch can bring to the Crafts Market.

Potential applicants who are serious makers that feel compelled to create because they find so much joy in it are especially encouraged to apply!

Do you have a knack for a certain craft and want to share it with our community? Learn about how to become a Pike Place Market craftsperson by visiting below.