About Us

Leonardo Lanzolla of Leonarte is a self-taught contemporary artist from Torino, Italy. His paintings and prints are spontaneous, jovial, and intriguing reflecting the nature of mankind, modern life, and his senses. Many of these original pieces can be found in private collections around the globe and have been featured in notable exhibits in France, Sweden, and the United States.

Leonardo also creates stone art tiles that are unique, vintage, and distressed. They represent Pike Place Market, Seattle, and his home country of Italy.

From the Artist

“I’ve always intended that my art represent poetic navigation of my own senses. I became an artist because colors and shapes speak louder to me than words and it has been second nature to me for as long as I can remember. The shapes that come to me most frequently are creatures, usually animals and women. These subjects represent human expression either abstractly or quite visibly – love, nature, and intention. Intuition is essential when I make art. It is an honest perception of my senses and allows me to navigate the unknown very comfortably. Whatever the medium, creating brings joy to my heart. The fluid properties of the paint give me the freedom to explore and discover new shapes and ideas. Overall, the goal of my work as an artist is to stimulate spreading happiness and color of joy the souls of people.”