About Us

For 26 years, Chukar Cherries has been a “must stop” in Pike Place Market’s main arcade. Their specialties include layered artisan chocolate over their own locally sourced, in-house dried cherries and roasted nuts using old-world copper kettles.

Their family-owned business has been transforming local sweet and tart cherries into award-winning, decadent chocolate cherries. Chukar Cherries’ products are committed to freshness and the use of wholesome ingredients without preservatives or added sugar for the highest quality yield.

They are proud to make quality, small-batch crafted dried cherries, nut mixes, cherry gift baskets, and more. Their Northwest goodies are guaranteed to delight taste buds and deliver joy.

Swing by their booth in the main arcade across from the flower farmers and down from Woodring Northwest and Mick’s Peppouri.