About Us

Christopher’s Lamp is the formulation of the empathic clairvoyant and Spiritual Counselor, Darleen Christopher. Darleen is focused on the mind, body, and spiritual connection. She is recognized as a talented practitioner of many psychic arts: palmistry, tarot, astrology and numerology. She appears in the Directory of Northwest Intuitive Arts Practitioners, an honorary acknowledgment received only by nomination of authenticity.

Christopher’s Lamp has earned a reputation for delivering amazingly accurate insight, and as a practitioner of energy healing Darleen is sensitive to chakras and how they correspond to emotional wounds from the past. Darleen can accurately depict people in your life, including their perspective, circumstances, and opportunities for transformation. Compassionate, honest, ethical, with a gift of tact, her delivery is always soft, innocuous, non-judgmental, yet powerfully exhilarating!

To discover the mysteries of your chakra, stop by the third level in the DownUnder near Chin Music Press next to Our Fabric Stash.