Go Green by Supporting Local Market Farmers this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Here at Pike Place Market, we’re celebrating by highlighting our local farmers that take part in our community-supported agriculture program.

If you’re considering ways to choose more locally grown or produced food in season, our PIKE BOX CSA program makes it easy to eat local and support our Washington farmers on a weekly basis. By shopping locally to source your produce and opting for organic options, you can contribute to an improved carbon footprint!

Read on to learn more about our Market farmer community, and how you can get involved this upcoming season.

What is PIKE BOX?

Operating since 2013, PIKE BOX is a farm-to-customer program run by the Pike Place Market Farm Team. Market staff source fresh produce, meats, flowers, and more from farmers across Washington. Items are packed into individual shares for easy weekly pick-ups at Pike Place Market, typically over a 9-week season.

Get inspired by included fresh sheet recipes of the week to experiment with new dishes and save the hassle of meal planning, indulge in the freshest local harvests, and be a part of a community that cares for our local food systems. Registration for the summer seasons is open! Find out how to sign up for fresh weekly produce and more below.


Get to Know our CSA Farmers

While just a portion of our farmers are certified organic, the vast majority incorporate environmentally sustainable and no-spray growing practices. Techniques like cover cropping and crop rotation are employed to nurture lasting soil fertility and cultivation of strong produce and flowers. There are 25+ farmers contributing to our CSA program who operate within 100 miles of Pike Place Market, cutting down on the transport resources needed to reach your table and supporting a greener food supply!

Alvarez Organic Farms

Certified organic since 1992, owner Hilario Alvarez of Alvarez Organic Farms produces hundreds of vegetable varieties including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and more on his 80-acre farm. His specialty is growing more than 200 varieties of peppers, many of which he crossbreeds to create unique new hybrids. The care and attention to each crop is seen in the careful harvesting selection based on color, shape, and sweetness. Their success has grown to supply more than 40 restaurants and 15 farmers markets around the greater Seattle area.

Kirsop Farm

Started as a tiny garden nearly 30 years ago, Kirsop Farm is now a certified organic operation growing vegetables and raising livestock on a 60-acre operation. Their spring specialties include salad greens, bok choy, and radishes. As farmland preservation farmers, they work in a community at the Scatter Creek Farm and Conservancy in Rochester, Washington. Their role as anchor farmers to a larger coalition project preserves 150 acres of river habitat and arable land. Partnering with others in the land trust and the local conservancy, they work together to ensure that farming and conservation practices work in harmony.

Mariposa Farm

Named for the long migration patterns of butterflies, Mariposa Farm symbolizes the story of their family’s journey from Mexico to start their own farm in Washington nearly a decade ago. Joaquin and Maria offer fresh-picked organic vegetables, herbs, and berries from their farm in Everson, Washington. Over 80 varieties of colorful vegetables fill their tables throughout farmers markets in the area!

These highlights are just a few of the 30+ farmers and producers we work with in our CSA program:
  • AG Family Farm
  • Alvarez Organic Farms
  • Amador Farm
  • Baby Chavs
  • Blong’s Garden
  • Brewmaster’s Bakery (producer)
  • Cascade Valley Farm
  • Cha Farms
  • Chue Neng Cha’s Garden
  • Cyrus Saffron
  • Fantello Farmstead Creamery
  • Garden Flowers
  • Green Cuties
  • Herban Farm
  • Hierophant Meadery
  • Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards
  • Kirsop Farm
  • Lee Lor Garden
  • Lee’s Fresh Produce
  • Magana Farm
  • Mariposa Farm
  • Martin Family Orchard
  • Neng Garden
  • Olsen Farms
  • See Lee Garden
  • Shong Chao’s Farm
  • Sidhu Farms
  • Silver Springs Creamery
  • Sweet Things Honey
  • Thai Tao Farm
  • Tiny’s Organic
  • Va Cha Garden
  • Vilog Farm
  • Windy Acres
  • Woodinville Valley Farm
  • Xai Cha Farm
  • Yang Farm
  • Youa Her’s Garden