Hellenika is open for your grab-and-go delights!

Nestled along Pike Place in the Soames Dunn Building is the Market’s newest spot for delicious desserts and more. Walking into Hellenika Cultured Creamery, you’re welcomed into a bright airy space that’s reminiscent of the breezy Mediterranean feel it draws its roots from.

Created by the founding family of Ellenos, Hellenika is the new solo venture by owner Alex Apostolopoulos and his siblings to offer an entirely new line of cultured Greek products.

In its initial debut, Hellenika has crafted the perfect takeaway treat for a summer day at the Market. Enter the cultured gelato: a unique blend of frozen yogurt that lends itself to a richer velvety consistency. It’s lower fat than traditional ice cream, with all the indulgence of a delicious soft serve scoop and a distinctly tangy finish.

Venture into their shop to find the sleek stretch of stainless steel set with a row of transparent domes inviting you to peer closer. Beneath each of them, a dozen delectable flavors churn away methodically to hold their softened texture at a consistent peak.

On a weekly basis you’ll find new blends rotated into the mix. Alex is excited to experiment on collaborative ideas with fellow Market vendors to offer new flavors. So far they’ve created a London Fog scoop with MarketSpice’s Earl Grey tea, Truffle Queen’s pistachio cream for a decadent pistachio flavor, and they’re just getting started.

Fan favorites that are quickly settling into staples include the lemon curd (founder’s recipe), marionberry, and ube coconut.

Pro Tip:

Pair the ube coconut with the zing of lemon curd and lemon drizzle atop for a power combo of sweet and tart.

Visitors can look forward to more concoctions brewing just beyond the viewing windows in the rear. Their test kitchen is akin to a laboratory with its starkly bright white tile, steel fixtures, and testing glassware where everything is crafted. Tour groups will have a special opportunity to come behind the scenes and experience their product development process.

Look for more Greek-inspired dairy products to come later this fall. On the docket is a specialty in-house labneh – a thick spreadable cheese with a tangy flavor similar to soft goat cheese, and typically served on mezze platters with oil and spices.

The owners look forward to returning to traditional family methods at Hellenika: forging local partnerships and crafting fresh small-batch formulas that bring an exciting new addition to the Pike Place Market producer community. Stop in and grab a scoop or two Sunday – Thursday, 11am – 6pm or Friday – Saturday until 7pm!