About Us

The Pink Door is a restaurant-cabaret where equal parts Italian-American dining, eclectic entertainment, and warm, spirited service make for a beloved local destination.

The produce-driven menu features organic Northwest vegetables from the farmer’s tables and the bar’s cocktails are all mixed with freshly pressed fruits.

Owner Jackie Roberts offers an unpretentious escape from the everyday with a classic, wholesome menu, a convivial atmosphere fueled by her warm, friendly staff, and entertainment such as trapeze, cabaret, live music, and tarot.

Whether nestled inside the dining room, relaxing in the lounge, or outside on the view deck overlooking Elliott Bay, the mysterious alchemy of The Pink Door’s food, ambience, and service keeps regulars returning.

The Pink Door is located on Post Alley between Stewart and Virginia Street. The restaurant has no sign, but look for the pink door on the west (waterfront) side of the Post Alley promenade.