About Us

Martin Family Orchards is a family run business with all three of Rick and Terri Martin’s sons (Ricky Jr., Jamie and Jonny) involved in the day to day operations.

We grow our fruit tree ripe, which means that we don’t pick our fruit until we know it’s ready to eat fresh off the tree. This makes for a huge difference in the flavor and texture of the fruit.

It is our goal to provide families in Washington with the highest quality, tree-ripened fruit they have ever tasted.

In 1986, Rick and Terri Martin bought property in Cashmere, Washington on which to build their home. Their lot contained three acres of nectarine trees, which the couple enjoyed tending to and caring for so much, that they decided to make a living out of it, and Martin Family Orchards was born.

Since then, this family enterprise has acquired more orchards: first an apple and pear orchard in Cashmere, and then an additional 80 acres in Orondo, bringing their total up to 110 acres. Their orchards are located about 130 miles from the Market.

Rick started selling their nectarines at Pike Place Market back in 1986. Today you can find Martin Family Orchards set up on the cobblestones of Pike Place, under the ‘Public Market’ sign.