Pike Place Market Celebrates its Predominantly Women-Run Business Community for Women’s History Month

Market leads city statistics with strong success of 200+ women-owned businesses

SEATTLE –  For 115 years, Pike Place Market has been a thriving center for independent merchants of all creative disciplines and backgrounds to come and sell their goods. Its mission has always been dedicated to the incubation of small businesses, and few have shown its success better than the remarkable majority of successful women-run enterprises that make up Pike Place Market’s commercial shops, crafters and farmers.

These businesses range from cuisines of local and international origins, handcrafted jewelry and quality apparel, elegant art, and so much more. Their contributions and positive impact on the Market community are immeasurable, but their steadfast growth and presence speak for itself.

According to Visit Seattle 43.8% of small business owners in Seattle are women. The Market champions that statistic with 33% of its businesses fully owned by women and 48% at least partially owned in either a solo enterprise or shared partnership. The Market is proud to continue uplifting its diverse community of women-run vendors made up of long-time locals, multi-generational immigrant families, and young aspiring entrepreneurs, among many others.

Pike Place Market is commemorating many milestone accomplishments of our longstanding women-run businesses, including:

  • Vyvyn Lazonga of Madame Lazonga Tattoo celebrating 50 years in business
  • Claudia Kelly of Claudia Kelly’s Collection operation for over 40 years
  • Cynthia Hope of Hands of the World celebrating 40 years
  • Jackie Roberts of The Pink Door bringing fine dining for over 40 years
  • Olga Sagan of Piroshky Piroshky in business for 30 years

These are just a handful of highlights within the 200 successful women-run businesses both young and well-established within the Market family. For a complete list of women-owned and operated businesses to support at Pike Place Market, visit here.

Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority PDA – The nine-acre historic district is maintained and operated by the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), a nonprofit public corporation created by the City of Seattle in 1973. The PDA supports the Market’s remarkable community by increasing farm and food retailing opportunities, supporting small and marginal businesses, and providing services for low-income individuals. In addition, PDA helps protect the essence of the Market by preserving, rehabilitating and maintaining the buildings within the Market. PikePlaceMarket.org


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