We Love our Locals!

Our locals are a treasured part of Pike Place Market. Going back to our earliest roots, the Market started as a way for locals to access fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers and avoid the middlemen.

In the 70s, locals saved the Market from demolition, and today, Pike Place Market is a world-class public market and community that serves neighbors in need, lunchtime eaters, weekend shoppers, art collectors and more.

Pike Place Market wouldn’t exist without locals and your continued support of small businesses for over a century. Recap all of our local personalities we highlighted during Local Love Month below!

Legacy Local

Legacy locals are those who have spent decades visiting the Market, know its every corner, are on a first name basis with their go-to vendors. They go beyond being customers; they have developed personal relationships with the vendors. The vendors know their preferences, and the Legacy Locals appreciate the quality and authenticity that each vendor brings. Legacy Locals are a constant presence at Pike Place Market throughout the year. Whether it’s a sunny summer day or a rainy winter afternoon, they continue to explore, shop, and contribute to the vibrancy of the Market.

Hear from Our Legacy Small Businesses

Original Local

Original Locals are those who value shopping in their community and staying true to their roots. They support producers who create, grow, and curate from our uniquely rich Pacific Northwest ecosystem. Original Locals value an opportunity to connect with vendors and better understand their craft. They stay curious about the origins of their foods and other goods, and are dedicated to shopping from Washington makers and growers whenever possible.

Hear from Our Original Small Businesses

Collector Local

Collector Locals know the Market is filled with unique finds. Their go-to artist, their favorite vintage shop, and their timeless style choices make them a vested Market regular. Immersed in the arts and culture, they appreciate those who make and curate quality products that stand out. Collector Locals are avid explorers of the Market’s hidden gems and aficionados of finding well-crafted items you can’t find in your typical storefronts.

Hear from Our Collector Small Businesses

Advocate Local

Advocate Locals value patronizing businesses that give back. Whether it’s environmental sustainability, supporting fellow artists, donating a portion of their proceeds back to the Pike Place Market Foundation or other nonprofits, or backing other causes they’re passionate about. Advocate Locals enjoy spending their free time volunteering with social services at the Market like the Food Bank, Senior Center, or special events. They are staunch supporters of spending their dollars to benefit others.

Hear from Our Advocate Small Businesses

Latest Local

Latest Locals are the welcomed newcomers to our community, adding to the exciting meld of new talent in our growing city. These are innovators and risk-takers who thrive on adventure and taking new paths. Latest Locals enjoy discovering fresh novel favorites to add to their Market shopping routine. They are enthusiastic about the Market’s ongoing growth and innovation and appreciate the ever-evolving array of options to explore throughout our 9-acre historic district.

Hear from Our Latest Small Businesses

We appreciate all of our locals, from those who have been here for decades to our new arrivals who are excited to join our community. The S stands for the savvy locals who know there’s no S in your Pike Place Market!

We look forward to seeing you all year-round and keeping our historic 9 acres thriving with its essential services to local patrons.