More than Just a Market, Pike Place Market is a Home

Pike Place Market is a Home!

Over 500 people, mostly low-income seniors, call the Market home. This diverse nesting of neighbors interwoven with all the small businesses and visitors coming and going are part of what makes our Market community so special and unique.

The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), lead through our charter, devotes itself to providing critical social services for low-income individuals who live throughout our district. One way we honor this commitment is through our incredible residential department and team.  Driven to sustain the health and safety of all our residents, they are invested in finding new and different ways to compassionately support and care for our residents.

Celebrating the Holidays with our Residents

Every year, the Pike Place Market PDA residential team rings in the holidays with our residents. For many tenants, families often live far away, so we make it a priority to spread some holiday cheer with their local Market family. This year, the residential team joined forces with the Pike Market Senior Center to bring holiday meals made with love to our residents. With more than 350 meals delivered before Thanksgiving and this week leading up to Christmas, our team works to ensure our residents’ security and wellness through the giving season and beyond.

Where do all our residents live?

Just look up above the street-level stores of the Market to see 8 PDA-owned and managed residential properties with curious cats peeking out, happy plants basking in the afternoon light, and festive décor warming its facades. As you peruse the Market’s various stops and shops during your visit, note that you’ve also been strolling through the streets, alleys, and hallways of the vibrant neighborhood of our Market residents.

The Market offers a range of housing for seniors and individuals in search of subsidized or market-rate housing. Learn about all our residential buildings and how to become a resident here.