Market Art Comes ALIVE!

Every year, Pike Place Market rotates its mural artists multiple times over to showcase our local talent and enliven our visitor thoroughfares with bright new works. This round of upcoming murals highlights an especially momentous milestone: a celebration of the 50th anniversary to “Keep the Market”!

50 years ago, the Market was saved by fierce grassroots advocates and Seattle citizens who voted to establish it as a historic district, immune from demolition and developers who wish to alter it into anything else but the vibrant hive of cultural activity and commerce that it is today.

Our participating Market artists Mallory Milke and Kate Endle have memorialized this victory with a special set of murals dedicated to the Market’s enduring legacy of strength and resilience.

Par for the course on the significance of this event, these works won’t be just visuals to look at. Thanks to evolving technologies offered with augmented reality, the murals will come alive and animate when visitors interact with them via their smartphone cameras!

Starting October 23rd as part of our 50th Anniversary of Keeping the Market Celebration, be sure to include both mural locales on your visitor itinerary. Elevate the visual souvenirs snapped from your Market day with these uniquely animated applications, and show your support for our Market community by tagging #MarketStrong and #PikePlaceMarket when sharing on your Instagram and Facebook!

How to Activate the Murals

Want to see this mural come to life?

Scan this QR code with your phone’s camera to open an Instagram filter built specifically for this mural.

Once you take a photo or video, make sure to tag @PikePlacePublicMarket so we can join in the fun!

The filter will also be available on the Filters tab of the Pike Place Market Instagram account.

For Facebook, access the Market Strong AR filter here and the Market Proud AR filter here.


Where to Find Them!

Market Strong

FIND THIS MURAL — on Post Alley, you can find this work mounted just north of El Mercado Latino.

Our first artist is Mallory Milke of the Gradient Art Gallery collective, who created this large stained glass-esque work to highlight all of the colorful, sacred elements that are integral to the Market’s livelihood.

Having painted for over a decade, Mallory’s artistic taste lives in the bright and whimsical, often crossing the lines of reality and exploring dreamy visions with her imagined wondrous creatures.

Be sure to position yourself front and center to assume the grand arms as your own and see what kinetic features they take on. Make it a fun challenge for the kids: ask them how many inlaid objects hidden within they can identify and recognize as part of our Market community!

Market Proud

FIND THIS MURAL — From Pike Street, walk down to Ghost Alley Espresso near the Gum Wall. Continue on left from Post Alley and you’ll find it around the corner near the entrance to our Senior Center.

Also participating is Kate Endle of our crafts market vendors, who’s been professionally illustrating for more than 25 years. She’s inspired by Japanese and Inuit folk art, vintage illustration, and funky thrift store discoveries. Her sprightly collage showcases all of the flora and fauna that make up the Market’s lively culture and nods to the handmade creative works she and the Market’s collective of craftspeople work eagerly to offer our visitors each day. Stand near the megaphone to announce your support amongst all of the scene’s characters.

We are thrilled to share the first iteration of these augmented reality works at the Market highlighting our whole community, and it’s just one of a series of stops we’ve put together for the big anniversary celebration! Visit the 50th Anniversary event page to learn more about all of the fun, family-friendly activities you’ll find at this celebratory bash.