Are You an Original Local?

Say hello to our Original Local!

Original Locals are those who value shopping in their community and staying true to their roots. They enjoy supporting producers who create, grow, and curate from our uniquely rich Pacific Northwest ecosystem. Original Locals value an opportunity to connect with vendors and better understand their craft. They stay curious about the origins of their foods and other goods, and are dedicated to shopping from Washington makers and growers whenever possible.

Original Locals appreciate long-lasting durability and homegrown quality in their shopping. Vendors who focus on sourcing local ingredients and represent the bounty of the Northwest build a loyal returning base of these locals, who know they can count on excellent products made with care time after time.

Original Locals are a valued part of our Market and bring an authentic energy to the practice of living more locally conscious. They are dedicated to frequenting the delectably fresh produce of our farmers market by summer, cozying up in a restaurant booth with a locally sourced meal by winter, and shopping sustainably year-round at our Market.

Does this ring true to you? Keep reading to take our quiz and find out!

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