About Us

Osara Commissary features original artwork by Mikako Hamaguchi and offers a variety of cute and unique items from Japan.

Mikako travels to Japan several times a year to visit temple markets to find things you cannot find anywhere else. She collects products like bentos, chopsticks, tote bags, sake sets, stickers, stationery, tea sets, studio ghibli, pocky, kimonos, hi-chews, obis, vintage vinyl, as well as vintage and new pottery.

When Mikako first opened Osara Commissary with her husband in 2017, she drew small signs for the store. People started asking to buy drawings, and after giving away a few, her husband insisted she create designs for the store. Her first design, “Behave!” remains her most popular design and is the store’s biggest seller. 

Osara also features Margot Allison’s artwork. Her Yarude designs are clever smash-ups of western art with the yōkai (apparition) Rokurokubi, the spirit who occupies women’s bodies while they sleep and make their necks long enough to snoop around the neighborhood.

Find Osara Commissary in the Market’s DownUnder next to Orange Dracula and across from BLMF Literary Saloon.