About Us

Orange Dracula is a recreation of owner Chad Smith’s favorite teenage shops. Imagine a Woolworth’s or an old Five and Dime, then imagine it run by the Addams family. That’s the Orange Dracula!

Back when Chad was a teenager, he would hang out with his punk rock pals at these shops where they would find the weirdest stuff.

“We got our pictures taken in the photo booth, ate at the lunch counter, and treasured our unusual finds. Not many novelty stores remain and today’s ‘dollar stores’ just aren’t as much fun, so I created Orange Dracula,” Chad said.

Orange Dracula has a real old-fashioned photo booth, pinball, a vintage Pac-Man, and a HUGE selection of buttons, sundries, horror, pop culture, punk, goth, and just plain fun novelty items. Hang out, play some pinball, and check out all their groovy stuff.

Find Orange Dracula on the fourth level of Pike Place Market’s DownUnder next to Dave Ryan Pop Art and Osara Commissary.