About Us

Allison M. Earthpoet Peel of Dark Duck Clay Shop is a maker of specialty wheel-thrown and sculpted products such as mugs and bowls, bakeware, pie plates and casserole dishes, honey jars, tea sets, incense burners, mortar and pestles, Green Man flasks, tiles, and pitchers, fridge magnets, plates and platters, planters, lidded containers, jewelry dishes, and salt cellars.

Pottery and Tile, both decorative and functional, are created in mid-range electric-fired porcelain and stoneware clays. This ceramic art is done in bright, colorful, and earth-tone glazes featuring nature imagery sculpted in relief.

A press molding technique is often employed, and images are produced in repetition using plaster press molds which Allison creates to share her original designs. Her work is defined by textures derived from nature, such as scales and leaves, dotted sea stars, and stamped symbols.