About Us

Chue Neng Cha and Yia Yang arrived in the US as refugees from Laos with just enough resources to rent a small farm near Carnation, named Chue Neng Cha’s Garden.

In 1995 they began selling their produce and flowers at Pike Place Market. They raised seven children who now help them at the farm and the market.

Their daughter Vikki has become very involved in the family business since getting her start at a young age by arranging bouquets. Vikki loves trying new crop varieties and continues her family’s longtime dedication to using sustainable methods of farming.

The Chas maintain a diversity of crops on the farm to manage pests, and practice cover cropping and crop rotation for healthy soil. Their farm in Carnation is only about 25 miles from the Market.

Find their beautiful flowers and produce on the farm tables in the Market’s main arcade as well as at the Denny Regrade and First Hill Express Markets.