About Us

Founded in 2020 by the Chavarria Family, Baby Chavs is an urban farm dedicated to being environmentally sustainable while providing nutrient-dense foods and self-reliance education.

As a Hilltop Tacoma native, Juanita grew up seeing poverty first-hand and understands the importance of accessibility to fresh produce. When the family first started their urban farming journey, they found that they were selling many of their microgreens to chefs and the wealthy. Baby Chavs wants to change this perception and encourage healthy eating by making microgreens more approachable and versatile in every American household.

Both their indoor and outdoor spaces are maximized to optimum efficiency. Their microgreens are practically soil free! Baby Chavs use mostly coco coir, the discarded fibers of coconuts, as a growing medium, along with a touch of soil to help with fertilizing. Coconut fibers contain nutrients optimal for plant growth. Instead of tossing the coco coir used in orders, they’re now repurposing this sustainable and biodegradable product into compost!