About Us

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, the Atrium Kitchen run by Chef Traci Calderon offers unique tours of Pike Place Market with cooking classes. She also specializes in private events and corporate culinary team building. The Atrium Kitchen is home to Nourished Neighborhood, a non-profit community meal service. Chef Traci and a team of volunteers cook hundreds of thousands of meals for those in need each year.

The Atrium Kitchen opened in December 2012 as a community resource. Today, it remains that way, hosting a variety of food-centric events from cooking classes to tours, utilizing culinary concepts in private catered events. This kitchen is also a food business incubator and welcomes growing chefs who are seeking to test out their concepts with pop-ups and cooking classes. The state-of-the-art commercial kitchen is available for rent to groups and individual parties.