About Us

Ageless Acupuncture is a place where health and discovery come together. Driven by a mission to help their patients discover a holistic view of their health, they provide support and guidance to a more balanced well-being, offering a practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

Their business keeps its doors open for walk-ins that are looking to try acupuncture or other Chinese medicine modalities. The clinic is easily accessible and privately located, allowing for restful and restorative treatments while also remaining approachable to those who may be wary of the methods involved with acupuncture.

“Ageless” is to Chinese medicine, like a river to its banks. It constantly adapts with time and challenges its roots, yet relies on the same traditional principles that guide this medicine along the stream and not against the current. These values equate well to their business practices, balancing notions of both the importance of evolving out of tradition in order to be successful while staying true to the classics.

Find Ageless Acupuncture in Pike Place Market’s Sanitary Market building near El Borracho and Metsker Maps.