About Us

Metsker Maps is proud to have map enthusiasts, explorers, and little ones call them their favorite shop! Metsker Maps offers a wide variety of maps from travel and recreational guide books to globes, art, and even magnets.

Metsker Maps has been a fixture in the Pacific Northwest since the 1900s. To give you a little bit of history – Charles Metsker started mapping the region in 1901. In 1950, he opened his first brick and mortar store in Seattle to primarily sell county maps and atlases. They’ve moved locations over time but eventually found their home in Pike Place Market in 2004.

Maps are sold in all sizes and styles. They also offer travel books and atlases with an emphasis on recreational books for the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, they carry a large selection of globes from floor models, desktop, inflatable and illuminated.

Metsker Maps is proud to be a small, locally-owned business and plans to continue on as such for as long as possible because of supportive customers such as yourself!