About Us

Lowell’s Restaurant & Bar has been serving the public for close to 100 years with three floors of scenic views and fresh seafood daily.

In the early 1900s, Lowell’s was a combination coffee roaster, peanut roaster, and cafeteria that served the citizens of Seattle when they visited the Market to purchase farm fresh produce, seafood, and dairy goods. The flagship store of Manning’s Cafeteria then became Lowell’s in 1957, and has remained so ever since.

From the front entrance in the main arcade of Pike Place Market, it is unlikely that most visitors realize Lowell’s actually has three floors of seating—all offering world-class views of the Olympic Mountains, the ferries crossing Puget Sound, and a seagull’s view of the Port of Seattle.

On the first and third floors, you order first with the cashier/barista and then find a view seat and your food will follow you shortly. The second floor “view lounge” offers traditional “sit down” table service as well as a full bar selection of unique handmade cocktails, microbrews, and wine. On the second floor, guests may choose from either the above-mentioned view of the waterfront seating or a booth overlooking the parade of people shopping below that is acknowledged as the best “people-watching spot in Seattle.”