About Us

From Latino culture to urban images, to religious iconography, Ernesto Ybarra paints with powerful color. Ernesto is a disciple of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, and Diego Rivera. He paints intuitively with zero hesitation in his brush strokes.

“I attribute that to Basquiat’s style. Picasso’s work taught me to break the rules, but also to learn and know those rules before breaking them,” says Ernesto.

“The work of Rivera inspires me to paint my heritage with pride and to represent my culture. Art has allowed me to step out of the world and into myself. My paintings are emotions, conversations, and opinions. They are disappointments and hope. Pain and forgiveness. They are past memories and dreams for the future. Not just my own future but for the future of my children and for my family. For all people, really.”

Find Ernesto in Pike Place Market’s Main Arcade.