About Us

Cobb’s Pike Place Popcorn is THE gourmet popcorn shop in Seattle. Some of their staple flavors include caramel, cheddar, and chocolate popcorn alongside many seasonal favorites. They also sell delicious mushroom and butterfly popcorn kernels.

Erin Cobb and Rowan Ring had a simple start to their famed popcorn business. Just two friends and their kitchen stovetop using a family recipe to make popcorn for friends and family. As word began to spread, the phone calls were overwhelming and weekend cooking sessions weren’t enough. After initiating with a simple website order platform, the demand flooded in. They went from making 20 gallons per week to selling over 3,000 gallons in six weeks from the back of a rented kitchen. The booming following allowed Erin and Rowan to get to work renovating an old bakery in Pike Place Market, where they could be close to chefs, chocolatiers, cheese makers, and farmers for advice.

Cobb’s formula incorporates simple, exceptional ingredients prepared the hard way by two people who have a passion for popcorn.

Stop by their shop on Western Ave and get ready to fall in love with popcorn all over again.