About Us

Bonnie B’s Peppers pays homage to owner Dylan Randolph’s mother. Using her original recipes and bearing her name, they offer delicious pickled peppers, vegetables, and sauces made right here in Pike Place Market. Their pickled peppers and vegetables deliver a crunchy, fresh explosion that will awaken your taste buds. By using farm-fresh ingredients and jarring them up within 24 hours, you can always count on a quality product. Bonnie B’s sources all of their produce from single-family organic farms in Washington State, including the organically grown Hungarian Wax pepper, which is used exclusively for its consistent heat level, great pepper flavor, and support of sustainable farming practices.

This business is a true example of turning lemons into lemonade, loving family above all else, and hard work returning reward.

Their family has been making “Hot Peppers” for as long as they can remember. It is always fun family time, and the peppers are delicious. Bonnie B’s felt it was time to let the world taste and enjoy the peppers their family has been growing, canning, and eating for years. Their business strives to provide you with the best product possible. A lifetime of love in every jar. From their family to yours!

Find Bonnie B’s Peppers in the Sanitary Market across from Shy Giant Frozen Yogurt.