About Us

The story of Simply The Best began more than 30 years ago when Paul Sweat designed and built an alternative wood-fueled dehydrator at his Omak orchard in Eastern Washington.

He started out simple and sweet by selling at roadside stands and fairs until opening the Pike Place Market retail location over 13 years ago. His focus has been to provide naturally grown fruit, free from pesticides or artificial fertilizers, that are simply dried without adding anything.

He also applies this principle to the other specialty products he offers: organic locally grown berries, seeds, nuts, and confections from their trusted supplier Glory Bee Foods of Eugene, Oregon. Simply The Best has developed a drying process for fresh fruit through years of research and development.

Discover the exciting taste of their dried fruits and vegetables, which are naturally grown and handled. Great care is taken to offer only the best because taste does make a difference!

Find them right next to Rachel the Piggy Bank, located under the iconic Market clock and sign at the corner of Pike Street and Pike Place.