About Us

Ryan Sanderson of Rock-n-Roll Woodwork hand makes inlaid wall art featuring pop culture and nature themes. The goal of Rock-n-Roll Woodwork is to create beautiful yet badass, inlaid wall art.

Traditional subject matter for inlay does not relate to the modern world. That ends now! Rock-n-Roll Woodwork rebels by inlaying robots, dinosaurs, and rock stars. Every inlay is one of a kind and designed by Ryan.

The inlay woods are extremely sustainable and purchased through salvage.

Some History

Ryan got his start while building his first guitar in 2005 while attending the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair.

A few years later, with the help of the book “The Art of Inlay” by Larry Robinson, he taught himself to inlay for a guitar he was building. That’s when the world opened up and Ryan began inlaying anything and everything!